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TEMS Quarterly Cleaning Coupon

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OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND.... In our daily hectic schedule We forget many things which are on our priority list. It is obvious to forget things that are far from our thoughts while waking up in the morning .Yes....I am talking about Water Tank. 80% we depend on tank water for our daily task like Washing, Bathing, Brushing but we never thought of cleaning or treating .So MrTEMS is launching QUARTELY HEALTHY COUPON where you need not to worry about this task. Our team will automatically reach your doorstep after every 3months means 4 times in a year. No need to set reminder ,our software do this all for is as reasonable as family party in a year .So BUY NOW ! .....Health of your family is in your hands. HURRY UP !

Under this TEMS healthy coupon you will get Mechanized Water tank treatment by TEMS professionals with technology appreciated worldwide .ITs not only cleaning but treatment of tank which includes 7 steps starting from 1) DEWATERING : Dewatering the tank with portable submersible pump(s) of adequate capacity. (2) SLUDGE REMOVAL : Removal of left over dirty water / sludge/ mud with special designed sucking unit non clogging pumps for sludge removal. (3) HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING AND SCRUBBING : Cleaning of walls, ceiling and floor by high pressure water jet having rotary as well as flat jets for effective cleaning of all nooks, walls and corners (4 SCURBBING : Removal of sticky stains from walls and roof with the help of scrubbing machine. (5) VACUUM CLEANING : Wet and dry vacuum cleaning for moping of all dirt particles & residual sludge present in the reservoir by industrial vacuum cleaner. 2 STEP DISINFECTION PROCESS : ANTI BACTERIAL AGENT : Disinfecting the tank inner surfaces from all harmful pathogens by spraying non-toxic, 100% biodegradable in nature, eco friendly, antibacterial agent. The treatment includes the elimination of both thermolabile & thermostable bacteria like S.aureus. The treatment includes 3 Step anti bacterial disinfection . 1. The scrubbing by the antibacterial powder 2. The Partial disinfection by using lime based Product 3. The final stage of 99% disinfection involves the treatment with super stable & tank friendly disinfecting chemical. RADIATION : Treating the inside tank by exposing the surface and space to ultraviolet (uv) radiation having bactericidal wave length to kill any possible residual bacteria in the reservoir walls/floors/ceiling/space inside the reservoir. Not only this TEMS Team will provide you BEFORE AFTER photograph & Health card of your tank for future reference