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Indians generally aspire to two things: to own their own home, and to be their own boss. These dreams play an integral part in the Indian community, with housing a significant economic indicator, and small business providing opportunities for increased personal wealth and employment for many Indians. Starting up in small business can be risky, but for those motivated to establish a new business of their own should look to mitigate and reduce the risk by considering franchising. Buying a Master Service Provide is perhaps one of the safest and the most lucrative business alternatives. A budding market ,roaring economy and increased technical progression it need a lot of Investment ,Experience ,Knowledge to start a successful business. Franchisee We call it MSP-Master Service Provider is an intelligent choice right opportunity for success.


Expectations from you & us

When joining Mr TEMS as a business owner, there are certain expectations we will have for you and expectations that you will have for us:

You will..
  • Make every effort to operate a successful territory
  • Engage with your Head Office support team and keep us up to date
  • Attend Quarterly meetings
  • Operate your territory with customer service as your main priority, keeping the Mr TEMS brand in mind with everything you do
  • Have respect for your fellow teammates and Head Office team
  • Be transparent with all your financial figures and customer service issues
We will…
  • Provide ongoing support and training to ensure that you have all the tools you need to run a successful business
  • Conduct regular business reviews to provide you with the insight as to where your business could progress
  • Continue to build brand awareness and protect our standing as Australia’s Leading Handyman Franchise
  • Maintain TEMS e-Connect, TEMS e-Office and the relevant online resources for you and your business


As you’d imagine, hand skills are just the beginning. To run a successful business, you’ll need to have good time management skills, a strong customer service ethic, be a team player and be able to work to a plan. We’re looking for self-starters who are passionate about being their own boss, so you’ll need to be organised and motivated.

Start-Up Process

Starting well in any small business is important. For a new franchisee entering Mr TEMS, there is a formal start up process that occurs to ensure they are prepared and ready to build their business.

The first step is training. All new franchisees attend our training course which covers key areas of our business and industry. For most new franchisees, it is their first time running their own business and learning key business tools around sales and marketing are important. Training isn’t all business training though, a strong focus is on the quoting and estimating of work as well as time in the workshop to refine hand skills on common jobs that you would see in the network.

After the completion of training, our operations team conducts an induction day with you, where we meet local commercial businesses and work together on setting goals for your new business. These goals are then constantly monitored by our operations team to ensure that the correct processes are being followed so the desired results can be achieved.

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