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WOW ! cleaned 1849000 gallons in a day

As we always said "NO JOB is TOO BIG OR SMALL ..We DO THEM ALL " This is perfect example to define MRTEMS. No doubt it was not as easy as it seems. Moreover We have only Two days to finish this because institution water supply depend on this .So We did inspection one day prior i.e Friday & installed all equipment Sludge Sucker vehicles, Lighting, Electricity Supplies We start leaning operation in the morning under supervision of JE .First thing was to clean all walls of tanks i.e of around 20 ft height with Pressure Washer to remove algae, rust & other waste from walls .Keeping in view the size of the underground tank We put four teams with four set of machinery so that each team can cover one wall in a given time. Kudos to TEMS technician team who did well & finished work in given time completing all steps which includes Pressure washing, Scrubbing ,Spray of Anti Bacterial disinfectant ,U.V Light treatment etc