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Mr.TEMS is a trusted online marketplace for people to find professional local handymen nearby who are dedicated to home repair and maintenance tasks like plumbing, Electrician, Computer Repair, Carpantery or we can say that We are the small job specialists – You can trust the experienced handymen at Mr.TEMS! to refresh, repair, installation, Replace, or improve your home.

Mr.TEMS focuses on small jobs because we know that these are the hardest and time consuming jobs to find a handyman to handle your small repair. As name represents we can guarantee Mr.TEMS will provide Time, Energy, Money Saver experience for you in these small tasks.

Establishing a well-defined sphere in which different ideas may be freely expressed in the pursuit of a consistent objective is essential to cultivating a harmonious and receptive working environment, one that has enabled Mr.TEMS to adopt various innovations. Our philosophy has been GO GREEN since day one. It is our social responsibility and fundamental belief to foster practical green methods in our clients’ daily lives. We have tried to achieve this by adhering to three of our main values. Efficiency: By acquiring the right technology and tools, and refining procedural methods to cater to our clients’ particular needs. Quality: By employing highly qualified technicians and training them to attain perfection and customer satisfaction every time. Teamwork: By investing in our team and promoting a positive community wherein all employees are able to contribute to their fullest potential and therefore feel integral to the company’s progress by sharing the same ideas, goals, and company benefits.

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Mr.TEMS is an on-demand marketplace for home & personal services in India. We are a dynamic team of people with just one passion: to make life easy for YOU! So, whether you are looking to get home appliance services or electrical services or to hire a carpenter online, we will be right at your service, offering you competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

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